The StereoPod

The first highly accurate and miniature guide for stereotactic neurosurgery.

Complete system for brain biopsies, Deep Brain Stimulation and others stereotactic procedures. The StereoPod providing to the stereotactic and functionnal neurosurgeons:
  • Sub-millimetric Accuracy
  • Ease of use and fast learning curve
  • Improved patient's comfort
  • Shortened procedure, especially in the operation theatre
  • MRI compatibility
  • Possibility for bilateral simultaneous procedures
  • Cost effectiveness

The StereoPod is composed of:

  • A fixation system
  • A localizer
  • Planning software
  • An external calibration device
  • A tripod

Preliminary tests on phantoms, animals and on anatomical pieces have been performed. The results shows:

  • An accuracy of: 0.63 +/- 0.10 mm
  • No specific directional errors
  • A fast learning curve: Only 2 trials required before reaching submillimetric accuracy

Results have been presented and published at:

  • CARS 2011 Berlin - Computed Assisted Radiology and Surgery 2011
  • ESSFN Congres 2010 Athens- European Society of Stereotactic and Functionnal Neurosurgeons, Congres 2010
  • CARS 2010 Geneva - Computed Assisted Radiology and Surgery 2010