Simplicity for brain surgery

StereoTools developed the first highly accurate and miniature guide for minimally invasive brain surgery: the StereoPod.

It allows:
- A submillimetric stereotactic accuracy
- An improved patients' comfort
- A saving of time in the operation theatre
- MRI compatibility and simultaneous bilateral procedures
- Ease of use and cost effectiveness
The StereoPod

It is a solution for stereotactic and functionnal neurosurgery.
It brings key advantages to the patients and the neurosurgeons.

StereoTools SA

StereoTools is a private company created to industrialize the StereoPod and to bring it in the hands of the neurosurgeons.
Latest News

2013: StereoTools has been closed for unsufficient available financing. October 2012: StereoTools is one of the Top 100 Swiss Startups!